Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Celebrity Tattoo - Esha Deol Tattoo

Esha Deol Tattoo - Bollywood Tattoo

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Esha Deol with Aum tattoo on her left shoulder blade

Esha Deol - the little girl of Dharmendra & Hema Malini - has a blazing sun in blue tattooed on her left shoulder blade holding an Aum. Esha is also known to be having Gayatri mantra tattooed on her right.

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She left her razor-cut straight long hair open and styled across the shoulders, revealing some more impressive tattoos on her back. These ones we could see completely.

She had the complete Gayatri Mantra in Sanskrit below her right upper back and on a bold Om on her left upper back.

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A red color heart tattoo above Esha's left boob peeked naughtily out of her dress. Frankly, we would love to see the full tattoo, only for the purpose of accurate reporting of course, but we guess wont happen. Not that we are inclined to push our luck knowing septuagenarian Dharam Bhaji, who still does a gazillion push ups every morning, would likely knock us out cold with a grand daddy of a 'ghusun' (wallop).

Anyway, Esha matched her dress with matching color peep toes pumps and an anklet adorned on her right ankle.

Esha Deol Tattoorthde

Esha Deol’s love for tattoos was revealed with she being spotted sometime back with a big tattoo of Gayatri Mantra (from Upanishads) on her back. Now the promotional stills of ‘Cash’ do show a tattoo on Esha Deol’s left bosom in one particular still that has her posing in a bikini.

What comes as a big surprise is that this is not a new tattoo. Esha got it seven years ago. Esha says that tattoo on her left bosom is a scorpion (her sun sign) and she got it done in London some seven years ago when she visited the city with a friend of hers.

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