Sunday, August 7, 2011

World Fashion | How to be a Successful Model If You Are Not Tall

When you think of modeling, do you picture 16 year old, waifish thin and very exotic looking girl? If so,think again. Even though the fashion models business is oversaturated with the most beautiful women in the world, an average-looking person can still have a nitche within the business.

Fashion black models is the most prestigious category of the modeling industry, because about a dozen of fashion models have actually achieved the status of celebrities. Fashion modeling industry is not open to everyone and has very strict standards: height, weight, age and measurement requirements. Fashion girl model have to stay very thin to fit the clothes they are modeling, and even though many people in the industry might deny it, the pressure to have zero body fat is enormous in the fashion world. If you are tall and thin and lucky enough to have an agent who’d send you to castings (meetings with clients or photographers who can potentially hire you,) be prepared to do about six meetings a day, which wouldn’t necessarily result in any jobs.

If you are lucky enough to actually get a model jobs, most editorial projects (such as magazines) don’t pay a lot, and it takes an average fashion model a few years to build up her portfolio to start getting big fashion campaigns and other high-paying modeling gigs.

Travel for fashion shows or for editorial work can be exhausting, and many young women have trouble coping with pressure, related to the industry and its standards. Therefore – drug use, eating disorders, unfinished education and other issues, mentioned way too frequently in the media.

Not everything about the world of fashion modeling is dark and hard, but unfortunately, there are very few models who can actually make it to the top and enjoy the fame and fortune it offers. The biggest problem of fashion modeling today is competition. Because the industry has been raised to its highly prestigious status, it is simply impossible to provide all gorgeous hopefuls with enough work. This is why many aspiring fashion models give up modeling after spending six months in a tiny model apartment in Paris or Milan, watching their hungry roommates steal their food or do drugs.

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