Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mia St. John new tattoo | TATTOO DESIGN

new tattooMia St. John new tattoo | TATTOO DESIGN

Mia St. John shows her tattoo during a press Conference in Mexico City earlier today. St. John and Brooke Dierdoff will face off on April 4, 2009 in a WBC welterweight International Championship bout at the Variety center of Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.

For some reason, this economy is making every one get a tattoo and I don’t get it.
We’ve seen the tattoos Miguel Cotto got and we’ve seen the tattoos on Ricky Hatton, who’s next now?

If you haven’t seen either of one click here to see Miguel Cottos tattoo Click here to see Ricky Hatton’s back tattoo.